The Day Job: a Vice Alley Solo Scenario

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The Day Job: a Vice Alley Solo Scenario

Postby rags » Mon Feb 20, 2017 4:21 am


All the rain having put me in a noirish mood, I poured myself a stiff bourbon and returned to my occasional Vice Alley solo campaign. A roll on the scenario table gave the choice to my syndicate league, the Bay City Cyclones, who had previously unlocked the Heist scenario. The Heist is a wild, all-or-nothing affair with very unusual deployment and plot point rules, and I was a little daunted by the notion of running it with the Solo deck, which is based on the assumption that there are two contesting forces in play. I decided, since the scenario table had kindly given me the option, to take a few of the things I liked the most about the Heist and incorporate them into a more conventionally structured scenario for my solo game.
First off, I really liked the concept of a scenario in which the attackers (the syndicate, in this case) were discreetly trying to pull something off under the noses of the defending vigilante bots, who wouldn't know what was going on, but would be very suspicious and anxious to stop it, whatever it was. I also liked the idea that since the bots weren't going to be collecting plot points themselves, they would automatically be credited with any the attackers dropped or failed to score.
Lastly, I wanted to keep the premise that the heavy police presence on the streets meant everybody would have to "mind their Ps and Qs" and refrain from using overt violence. I decided both leagues would be restricted to the "Dirty Tricks" and "Pardon Me, Sir" method of social combat and engagement outlined in the Social Affair scenario, at least as long as all those cops were around.
The scenario I came up with mixes elements of the Heist with Social Affair, Final Flight, and Soerabaja Manhunt.

The Scenario:
"The Day Job" is basically a simple Trail of Clues variation, in which the attacking league is trying to follow the clue trail to the major plot point, and the bot league is trying to stop them. Only one minor plot point is placed on the table during deployment, when this is scored, the attackers can place the next, and so on, following the normal Trail of Clues rules. Four minor plot points and one major plot point should be generated.
NOTE: In order to place the Major Plot Point on the table, the attackers must have completed at least two Minor Plot Points AND have received either the Tip or Contact Reward card.

Leagues: The scenario uses the open-table deployment system from Lost Keys. One character from each league is placed at a time, anywhere on the table, though no character can be placed within 6" of an enemy or a plot point.
Bystanders/Police: As in any Vice Alley scenario, one bystander per league is placed during set-up. Like in the Heist, these are hostile, wandering, aggressive bystanders (the police), who project a 3" radius zone of extreme peril. They will not wander off the table and cannot be recruited, but may be removed by a character who passes the Peril. However, as they are tough cops, one additional success on the Peril roll is required to remove them. Any effect or Scenario Event which would put another bystander on the table will place another hostile policeman instead.
Plot Points: One Minor Plot Point is placed during set-up. Because I like surprises in Solo games, a list of half a dozen or so locations scattered around the table was prepared (the diner, the bookstore, the warehouse stairway, etc.) and plot point locations, when needed, chosen at random from the list, abiding by the normal distance minimum. The plot points themselves were generated randomly, then arranged in a sequence for dramatic purposes.
Minor Plot Points:
1) Meet the Accomplice. When scored, the accomplice reveals the location of the next plot point, then joins the league as a random level one backup. Undroppable.
2) Locate the keys.
3) Cut the phone line. Undroppable.
4) Eliminate the guard. Undroppable.
Major Plot Point: Find the mysterious envelope.

Special Rules:
1) Crawling With Cops: While there are any policemen on the table, no character may voluntarily choose to make a Brawl, Shoot, or Burst attack. Any character who is compelled to attack (as by the "Furious" solo card or similar effect) treats the entire table as an extremely perilous area for the rest of the game, or until all the policemen are gone. As long as any police are around, characters must use the "Dirty Tricks" and "Pardon Me, Sir" rules for social combat and engagement outlined in Social Affair, attempting to intimidate, bully, maneuver, confuse, or outwit their opponents with Action Skills.
2) The Job: Only the attackers may score plot points. At the end of the game, any plot points not in the possession of the attackers, whether they were ever placed on the table or not, are automatically awarded to the defenders, along with the remaining Reward cards.
3) The Specter Strikes: The It's a Trap! (or a Red Herring) card is added to the Reward Deck, representing an ambush by the Specter. If drawn, the plot point is not scored, another location for the plot point is generated, and the active character faces a Random Peril. The Trap/Red Herring card is then discarded.

I ran the scenario for myself and had a great time with it, and have posted a short AAR on Imgur here:
Thanks for your interest,
(edited for spelling & clarity)
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Re: The Day Job: a Vice Alley Solo Scenario

Postby Panama » Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:55 pm

Nice work Rags, with the other campaign books done before the solo deck & made to be played V someone I think in a lot of case's you need to adjust thing's a bit to get the best out of them.
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Re: The Day Job: a Vice Alley Solo Scenario

Postby Dave » Wed Feb 22, 2017 1:28 am

Very cool! Liked your extra special rules. :D
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