Hidalgo Fire - A Solo AAR

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Hidalgo Fire - A Solo AAR

Postby NickN » Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:57 pm

Dave etal,
I played "Hidalgo Fire" the other night, hoping to get the actual campaign going. The table set up was as per the rule book. My league consisted of my regulars, Nick Hammond and Nora Sternwood, along with a French police Sergeant (Ally), and three police Askaris. The bots consisted of Dr. Venck, the Red Wraith's normal presence, and five German soldiers including a Sergeant as a sidekick.
The four minor plot point went down pretty quickly, two to each side. A great deal of gunfire was exchanged, resulting in two Germans and two Askaris down and out. Nora, after taming the snakes in Lady Elaine's tent, moved in to try and convince her to join the "good" guys. Seeing this, Dr. Venck and one of the Germans commenced shooting at Nora to keep her off balance. Nick moved in to add his brawn to the discussion, but not before Dr. Venck had a chance to use his charms.
Two turns followed that saw much brawling back and forth between Nick, Nora and the surprisingly strong Dr. Venck. The last turn found Dr. Venck spiriting away Lady Elaine, a not too willing companion.
Now on to the next chapter......

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Re: Hidalgo Fire - A Solo AAR

Postby Dave » Fri Dec 08, 2017 4:12 pm

THANKS for sharing! I hope we get to see more. :D
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