Warmachine/Hordes figs

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Warmachine/Hordes figs

Postby marke » Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:45 pm

For a long time I have liked the Warmachine/Hordes figs from Privateer Press but I just don't get on with the rules. They make my head hurt. I have tried but they are just not for me... :)

So rather than sell the models I have I decided I'd try using them in Pulp Alley. Still early days for my project but I hope to start playing some games soon. I use painting these as a break from other projects so completing them is a bit of a long haul. Still as I have a few friends with painted models who do play the game you never know these may get some extra play as well.

I created a full league based on one of the Cryx casters I finished- you can see the info:

Also, one of the large Cryx models seems to be perfect for a terror:

Hopefully I'll get down to running some games with them soon. Although I might use my Necomunda collection for some initial games. :)
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Re: Warmachine/Hordes figs

Postby Dave » Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:11 pm

Very cool! I can't wait to see these in action. :D
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Re: Warmachine/Hordes figs

Postby Midnight » Thu Jul 13, 2017 1:25 pm

I have a LOT of Warmachine/Hordes minis. I really enjoyed playing when I had the time and even playtested a little of Mk II. I haven't played since Mk II released though...and definitely not since the 3rd edition came out.

But yeah, I consider all of my many minis games to be fodder for Pulp Alley games.

WarmaHordes minis are no exception.

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