Ideas for Kelly's Heroes

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Ideas for Kelly's Heroes

Postby Mike Mayes » Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:33 pm

Considering doing a Pulp Alley version of Kelly's Heroes. There would be 3 American Leagues (led by Kelly, Big Joe and Oddball) and 2 German Leagues (panzer and infantry). My thought is to base it on the Heist from Vice Alley (see Scenario Background).

Going to use the Pulp War genre - gritty, and the Mastermind perk. The Kelly, Big Joe and German infantry leagues should be pretty straight forward.

For the tanks going to replace roster lots with gear points. So. . .

Oddball's League
Oddball - Leader
Medium tank (7 slots)
Loader/gunner (gun crew, included with tank)
Moriarty as driver - Sidekick
include abilities that allow for upgrades

Tiger league
Mastermind perk (+6 slots)
Tank Commander - sidekick (1 slot)
Heavy tank (11 sots)
Loader/gunner (gun crew, included with tank)
Driver - ally 2 slots)
5th crewmen - ally (2 slots)

Does make any sense, or am I completely out to lunch?

Mike Mayes
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