The Cobra's Kiss, a Cult League

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The Cobra's Kiss, a Cult League

Postby rags » Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:03 pm


The Cobra's Kiss:
An ophiolatric cult league made up of character types from the Tomb of the Serpent expansion, the Cobra's Kiss is led by a Serpent Priestess, Vanda Shebad (a disciple of She Who Loves Silence, the Theban Cobra Goddess Mereseger), and her sidekick, Fazoul the Faceless.
(Top, from Left)
L4 Leader Vanda Shebad: Danger Sense, Cursed Presence, Serpent Storm (Burst Fire), Inspiring**. Kit: Investigator
L3 Sidekick Fazoul the Faceless: Brute, Moxie, Fierce**. Kit: Heavy Weapon
The Cobra's Kiss regulars: (Bottom, from Left)
L2 Nigel Brodie: Agile. Kit: Rogue
L2 Lars Sungard: Marksman. Kit: Hunter
L2 Tobin Bella : Marksman. Kit: Rifle Weapon
L1 Abu Zook: Reanimated, Feral** (Animal). Kit: Light Hand Weapon
League Perks: Dominion
Reputation: 31 | Experience Earned/Spent: 9/8 | **Experience Advance


In this photo, Lars Sungard is replaced by L2 Sergei Kirov: Phosphorus Rounds (Burst Fire), Kit: Shotgun Weapon (center of picture), and one of Vanda's Servant of Evil snake minions is pictured on the left.
Vanda Shebad is reportedly the youngest daughter of a prominent Cairo historian and antiquarian, and her interest in ancient arcana began at an early age. Her first disciple, Fazoul the Faceless, was allegedly "recruited" during a late-night visit to the Cairo Museum. The Allies in her league are the surviving members of a mercenary unit comprised of former French Foreign Legion soldiers, the Purple Dawn, which was caught and decimated by forces of the Mahdi al-Mouthi in the Sudan in 1929. Shebad is said to have negotiated their release in exchange for two minor-league snake charmers (one left-handed) and a purported map to Ali Baba's Cave. Since then, they have followed her loyally, out of gratitude and the chance to ogle her in revealing outfits.
Some Action Reports on their encounters with the Lost Girls and others will make their way to my Imgur site, eventually.
(Updates) Here's one:
Another...and their first victory in four tries:
A small profile gallery here:
More Action Reports: The CK meets The America Forever Party Their first encounter with Graves' Parade. Their second.
Thanks for your interest,
(edited for updates)
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Re: The Cobra's Kiss, a Solo Play League

Postby Dave » Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:34 pm

Excellent! Always enjoy seeing your cool collection of figures and terrain in action. THANKS for sharing. :D
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